Basic Facts About Emergency Pediatric Dentist in Houston, TX

Basic Facts About Emergency Pediatric Dentist in Houston, TX

August 1, 2020

Nothing troubles a parent than seeing her child going through pain. Most pain-causing emergencies are associated with dental problems.Your child may be cautious, but some dental accidents cannot be prevented.

It is imperative to be prepared to handle different dental emergencies to save your kid from a lot of pain. Today, we have created a guide to help you know what to do when your child has a dental emergency.

Pediatric Dental Emergency Services

Emergency pediatric dental services include doing everything possible to alleviate your child’s pain in the mouth or jaw. These services also focus on treating issues that could cause more trouble if not treated as soon as possible.

Pediatric emergency care includes but not limited to the treatment of severe toothache, replacing a missing crown, fixing a broken or knocked-out tooth, orthodontic discomforts, and others.

When Should You See Your Pediatric Dentist for Emergency Care?

Are you not sure if you should visit your pediatric dentist for emergency care? Here we discuss the common pediatric emergency dental problems. If your kid is having a dental problem on this list, you should take her to the pediatric dentist ASAP.

Fractured or Broken Tooth

Children play all the time, and it is not uncommon for yours to get her teeth fractured while playing. If it happens, don’t panic because her tooth can still be saved.

Gather as many bits of the broken tooth as possible. Then, use dental wax and cover the edges of the broken tooth with it. That way, you will reduce the risk of injuring the other parts of the mouth. Use the fastest means to get to the pediatric dentist. You can reach us if you need an emergency pediatric dentist in Houston, TX.

Knocked-out Tooth

A child who has had her tooth knocked-out needs to be rushed to the dentist’s office ASAP. For adults, you can try and place the tooth back to the socket and hold it down as you get to the dentist. However, it is too painful for kids, and your child might end up swallowing the tooth.

Instead of placing it on the socket, place it in a glass of milk or saltwater. Carry it with you and rush her to the dentist ASAP. The faster you reach there, the higher the chances of saving it. We are here for you if you need an emergency pediatric dentist in 77098.

Severe Toothache

Unlike an adult, it is almost impossible to expect a child to last through the night with a toothache. She will cry and cry until you get her to the dentist. Having the contacts of an emergency pediatric dentist near you makes your work easier, and you can always be sure of quality services whenever you need them.

Call your pediatric dentist, inform him about your child’s condition, and he will advise you about what to do. He will also recommend the best pain relievers for a child’s toothache. But in most cases, he will ask you to visit his office, so be prepared.

Oral Abscess

An oral abscess is very painful, and you need to get to the pediatric dentist ASAP. If this condition is left untreated, it quickly spreads to other parts of the mouth and can also cause serious health problems. Its signs include unexplained bad taste in your child’s mouth, swollen gums, and sudden fever.

Orthodontic Discomfort

Orthodontic treatment is a fantastic way of getting a beautiful smile, but sometimes it is associated with discomfort. Most of them you can fix yourself at home, but sometimes you may have to visit an emergency pediatric dentist near you.

Sudden pain with her braces is one problem that you should address ASAP. Whether it is caused by trauma or unexplained cause, visit the pediatric dentist’s office.

Does Your Child Need to Visit the Nearest ER?

Sometimes, a pediatric dentist may not be enough to attend to your child’s emergency dental problem. Some of the issues that you may need to visit an ER include severe injury to the face, uncontrollable bleeding from the mouth, and excessive swelling to the gums or jaw.

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