Caring for Braces Before and After Orthodontic Appointments

Caring for Braces Before and After Orthodontic Appointments

December 14, 2018

While in the middle of orthodontic correction, it’s important to follow the best practices possible to ensure fast, seamless success. Instilling the best habits and care during this time is critical. Greenway Pediatric Dentistry has compiled a list of things you and your child can do to ensure their orthodontic correction is hassle-free and effective.

Practice and empowerment

Make sure to check on your child’s brushing habits. Set a schedule the first few weeks after orthodontics have been applied wherein you follow up on their brushing. It’s easy to see plaque, and by pointing out areas missed, your child can brush again and fix the problem spots. Eventually, your child will be a pro. You can also run a toothpick along the gum line, in between teeth, and around braces, to gather plaque. If you pick up any of the white-yellowish stuff, the cleaning is insufficient.

Start without toothpaste

Toothpaste makes it difficult to see what’s happen inside the mouth. First only use water to remove plaque. Follow by brushing with the toothpaste for the fluoride. Yes, toothpaste is necessarily only for delivering fluoride and freshening breath.

Get a portable mirror

A small, light-up mirror, such as a makeup mirror, helps kids with brushing. Remember, it’s more difficult for them to see as well as us in mirrors and fixtures that have been designed for larger adults.

Make the plaque change colors

A fun activity for kids, applying a plaque disclosing solution changes the plaque’s color and highlights missed spots.

Don’t forget the flossing

Flossing is just as important, and simple with floss threaders. Glide Threaders is a great brand.

Try EverSmile OrthoFoam

A relatively new product on the market, OrthoFoam is a solution that breaks down plaque on teeth and braces. It can be used a variety of ways, such as a rinse, a toothpaste supplement or replacement, or applied in dental trays.

Promote success for the best results with orthodontics

The best results with orthodontics come from consistent care and oversight. Greenway Pediatric Dentistry, the premier dental office located in Houston, can offer the best solutions and advice for orthodontic procedures. Whether you’re considering orthodontics or just need the all-around best in dental services in Houston for your child, visit Greenway Pediatric Dentistry.