Cavity Fillings: What to Expect, Types and Potential Problems

Cavity Fillings: What to Expect, Types and Potential Problems

March 18, 2019

If you are suffering from tooth cavity issue, it needs to be addressed with proper treatment measures at the earliest. This is why you need to pay a visit to the Greenway Pediatric Dentistry. The clinic offers solutions for tooth cavity through dental filling service. Nevertheless, you can also get solutions for filling problems. Improper filling can cause difference types of nuisances. It can cause tooth decaying, toothache and many other issues. In the following section, details of cavity filling process will be discussed.

A Basic Guide to Filling Cavity

The process of filling cavity take time, and it could be around 1 to 2 hours. So, you need to fix an appointment with your dentist, and you should have adequate time at your hand. The process starts with some basic tests through x-ray machine. Basically, the tests are conducted to understand the impact as well as exact location of the cavities. Once the primary tests are done, filling process gets started. For the filling process, dentist will numb the teeth and gum of the filling area. This has been done to omit pain.

At the first stage, drilling has been done to remove all the decayed parts of the teeth. When drilling is done, filling will get started. After performing these steps, your mouth will remain numb for one or two hours due to the effect of local anesthesia. After that, you can naturally use teeth for chewing foods. However, it has to be reminded that right after filling you should avoid chewing hard objects.

Cavity Filling Types

In modern dentistry, different types of cavity filling processes can be found. Greenway Pediatric Dentistry offers the following kinds of cavity filing solutions.

Amalgam Filling: Traditionally, amalgam has been used as filling material, and it is safe for your teeth. It also fills the cavities with precision and stays for a long time.

Composite Filling: Composite filling is used to give more durability. It can also be matched with natural color of teeth.

Ceramic: Ceramic filling is also quite popular these days. However, it is quite expensive. But, it is considered as safe and durable.

Apart from these, metal filling is also quite popular. Understanding the potential problems, professional dentist can recommend the perfect filling material.

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