Emergency Dental Care For Kids: When Is It An Emergency?

February 1, 2022

Health emergencies, including dental health, should be taken seriously. You may ask that what is a dental emergency.

A dental emergency is any dental problem that can affect a tooth, cause bleeding or severe pain. Also, a dental emergency should get immediate care to prevent further damage and infection.

What Are The Common Dental Emergencies In Kids?

Chipped Or Cracked Teeth

Children will always play, and it is not uncommon for them to chip or crack their teeth when they fall. Although they may not feel any pain, chipped or cracked teeth are dental emergencies because, without proper care, the chipping could get worse.

If your child has a chipped tooth at the top corner of their teeth, it may not be noticeable. However, ensure you mention it to the Houston emergency dentist at your next dental appointment. For cases where the crack runs diagonally or vertically across the teeth, then you should visit a dental clinic immediately because the crack may deepen and get close to the tooth root, causing further damage and pain.

Severe Toothache

If your child complains of teeth or jaw pain, you can give them child-safe ibuprofen to relieve the pain. If the pain doesn’t subside in a few hours, you should schedule an emergency appointment with your dentist.

Tooth decay and root damage are leading causes of severe toothache. Your pediatric dentist near you may fill a cavity or remove the affected tooth to relieve toothache.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be highly uncomfortable. If your child mentions difficulty when chewing or opening and closing their mouth, they may clench their jaw a lot. Usually, most people clench their teeth in their sleep. A pediatric dentist near you may prescribe a customized mouth guard that prevents clenching when sleeping.

Knocked-out Teeth

Losing permanent teeth is different from milk teeth, and permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime. If your child’s permanent tooth gets knocked out, you should hold the tooth by the crown, rinse with water and try placing it back in its socket. If this is impossible, place the tooth in a glass of milk and visit a pediatric dentist near you immediately.

If the tooth is saved, the dentist can reinsert the tooth. Otherwise, several tooth replacement options look just like natural teeth.

Bleeding Gums

There are times when you notice a little blood after brushing or flossing. While this may not be a cause of concern, excessive bleeding needs urgent attention.

Usually, infections cause excessive bleeding, and they may require antibiotics. If you notice excessive bleeding, clean the areas and apply pressure using a damp rag or paper towel. Afterwards, it would be best to visit your Houston emergency dentist immediately.

Swollen Jaws

Swollen Jaws are often accompanied by bruising, indicating a dislocated or broken jaw. A broken or dislocated jaw causes a lot of pain, and your child may have difficulty opening or closing their mouths. Also, talking can be painful. This dental emergency requires an immediate visit to the dentist.

Dental Abscess

Dental abscesses are indicated by pus or swelling around a tooth and may require minor surgery. Fortunately, kids hardly develop abscesses, and children with trouble brushing or who have experienced dental trauma in the past are more at risk of developing abscesses.


Dental emergencies are unplanned incidents that can cause severe pain, and these emergencies can cause further damage like tooth loss and infection without immediate treatment. It is best to visit a dentist immediately if your child complains of any dental problem.

Greenway pediatric dentistry is just a call away in case of a dental emergency. Our team of dentists are experienced in taking care of children.

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