Emergency Pediatric Dentistry Sought after by Many Parents

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry Sought after by Many Parents

June 1, 2021

Parents never want to see their children suffering from pain or dental discomfort. Unfortunately, pediatric dental emergencies occur more frequently than adult emergencies. Instead of remaining concerned and wondering where I can find emergency pediatric dentistry near me, parents must take solace in the reality that children’s emergency dental offices are available and working beyond office hours.

When your child encounters a dental emergency, it is necessary to seek medication as soon as possible. Postponing the essential treatment can result in unwanted complications requiring more extensive treatment. Emergency pediatric dentistry in Houston provides compassionate care in a welcoming environment. The dentists understand children are uncomfortable going for dental visits. Therefore they strive to make your child feel safe during the treatment process. If you suspect your child is experiencing oral pain or any other dental emergency, please contact our office to schedule treatment.

Explaining Children’s Emergency Dental Services

Emergency pediatric dentistry services include any urgent care required by the child to relieve oral pain quickly. The services include repairing structural damage to a tooth or addressing other problems that may worsen if left untreated. The skilled and experienced professionals in emergency pediatric dentistry in Houston, TX, also provide restorations and pain management solutions. Parents are suggested to call the Houston dentist office if their child requires the following services.

  • Treatment for dental pain, including toothaches or pressure feelings.
  • Emergency tooth removal.
  • Emergency repairs of fractured, chipped, and avulsed teeth.
  • Wisdom tooth discomfort pain management.
  • Repairing missing tooth fillings or crowns.
  • Orthodontic discomfort resulting from brackets and wires.
  • Treatment for dental infections.

When Must Parents Seek Emergency Pediatric Dentistry?

Parents must seek emergency pediatric dentistry if their child is experiencing any of the below-mentioned symptoms or conditions. The child may need urgent dental care as soon as possible. The conditions are:

Fractured or Broken Teeth

Children routinely suffer from fractured and broken teeth resulting from sporting activities and other incidents. In such cases, parents must gather as many pieces of their child’s tooth as possible and use dental wax to cover the broken edges of the tooth, ensuring the risk of injuring other parts of the mouth reduce.

Knocked-out Teeth

Children with knocked-out teeth are best evaluated by a dentist quickly. Parents can gently place the tooth back into its socket for older children after cleaning it with water. However, parents shouldn’t attempt similar actions with the teeth of a younger child because the child may swallow the tooth. Time is of the essence with knocked-out teeth, and parents must try to reach the dentist as soon as possible.

Tooth Sensitivity

Children also suffer from tooth sensitivity like adults. However, the reasons are entirely different. Young children experience sensitivity in their baby teeth, while older children may experience pain due to injury or a cavity. A dentist best evaluates tooth sensitivity in children.

Dental Decay

Dental decay does not discriminate between baby teeth and permanent teeth. Fortunately, cavities in young children are successfully treated by emergency pediatric dentists. If your child experiences tooth sensitivity or pain, an examination by a pediatric dentist for cavities is essential.

Injuries and Pain Resulting from Orthodontic Appliances

Adolescents using metal braces to straighten teeth can experience occasional discomfort due to the brackets or wires poking into the soft tissues of their mouths. In such cases, emergency pediatric dentistry in Houston helps stabilize your child’s braces to alleviate their pain.

Worn Tooth Enamel

Oral sensitivity can affect children because of worn tooth enamel from teeth grinding or the reasons. Skilled dentists from emergency pediatric dentistry help strengthen your child’s tooth enamel to relieve the discomfort they experience.

Missing and Loose Fillings

Missing and loose fillings are a common occurrence among older children. Although the problem doesn’t classify as an emergency, it requires urgent dental care. Therefore parents must schedule an appointment with an emergency pediatric dentistry facility near them to restore the fillings.

How to Overcome Severe Problems with Children’s Dental Health?

Emergency pediatric dentistry professionals are committed to helping your child achieve excellent dental health. Unfortunately, some dental issues are severe and require intensive treatments than emergency dentists provide. Parents must have the child evaluated from a hospital if they have severe swelling around the face and gums, bleeding that does not subside, or a sudden, painful injury to the jaw, face, or head.

Parents must understand hospitals or emergency rooms cannot provide dental services, and an appointment with the child’s pediatric dentist is essential even after evaluation from a hospital.

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