How to Make a Trip to the Dentist an Enjoyable Experience for Your Kids

How to Make a Trip to the Dentist an Enjoyable Experience for Your Kids

January 4, 2019

For children, the thought of going to the dentist can cause a lot of fear and crying, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some ways that a parent or guardian can get a child to go to the dentist without a temper tantrum.

See a Child-Friendly Dentist

It is important to see a pediatric dentist near you. Not only will the office be more inviting because of the decorations and toys, but a pediatric dentist will be able to interact better with your children. He or she is required to spend several years doing a residency at a practice that specializes in pediatric dentistry.

At the Greenway Pediatric Dentistry dental office located in Houston, the staff is capable of and experienced with providing one of the best dental experiences for children.

Inform the Child of the Benefits

If a child does not know why he or she is being forced to go to the dentist, they might feel like they are being punished for something. If you explain to your child the importance of seeing the dentist, hopefully there will be less of a fight.

So that they don’t feel like the dentist is a punishment, you can always use positive reinforcement. By providing an incentive for them to behave properly, they will more likely do as they are asked.

Set a Good Example

Another approach for getting your child to go to the dentist without hassle is by scheduling an appointment for yourself around the same time as their appointment. You can show your child that going to the dentist is not a big deal and that everyone goes, including mommy and daddy.

Also, if your child acts well through a visit, be sure to compliment them on their behavior. This will help your child understand when and why it is important to behave yourself.

Call Ahead

If you are not seeing a pediatric dentist, be sure to let the office know that your child is still new to seeing the dentist and can be a bit of a handful. They will more than likely appreciate the heads up and can better prepare for your child.


The staff at Greenway, a pediatric dentist in Houston, would like to remind you that by getting children to tolerate the dentist when they are younger, they will be more likely to go as adults.

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