Emergency Pediatric Dentistry

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry in Houston, TX

Not everyone can wait for a regular appointment. If you are seeking a dentist in Houston, TX, who can provide emergency dental care near you, then come see us at Greenway Pediatric Dentistry as soon as possible. Our emergency dentist in Houston, TX, will help you or your child get the urgent care you need.

The Role of an Emergency Dentist Near You

At Greenway Pediatric Dentistry, we have dedicated our lives to helping our patients receive the restorative treatment necessary to keep their mouths healthy and teeth strong. Part of our mission is, therefore, to help individuals recover in situations that require urgent care.

Our role as a practitioner of emergency dentist in Houston is to provide comprehensive care when our patients are in dire scenarios. We accept patients without an appointment and provide speedy treatment to individuals experiencing a broad range of traumatic and painful situations, including the following:

  • When a permanent tooth is knocked out
  • When a permanent tooth breaks or fractures
  • When the jaw is broken or damaged
  • When someone damages their oral soft tissues and can’t stop the bleeding
  • When someone is experiencing intense dental or oral pain

We keep our office comfortable and the atmosphere soothing, so patients experience less stress during visits. Our Houston emergency dentist can administer medication as needed to alleviate pain and will always provide instructions for future care after treatment is completed.

What To Do

If you need an emergency dentist in 77098, do not hesitate to come to our office. One of the perks of our office is that you will not have to schedule an appointment when you need urgent care. Think of it as an emergency room in a hospital.

There are also a couple of steps you can take to facilitate your visit. It is wise to bring someone who has a driver’s license with you, as some treatments require anesthetic that could temporarily affect your motor skills.

If you are experiencing heavy bleeding, rinse your mouth with warm water, and use paper towels to stop the flow.

If a tooth has been knocked out, try to locate it. If soft tissue is still attached to the root, we might be able to restore it.

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