Early orthodontic treatment generally takes place around age 7 (at this stage, kids still have their baby teeth). It consists on the diagnosis, prevention, interception, and treatment of all forms of malocclusion (teeth and jaw misalignment). Treatment of malocclusion involves the application of forces to move the teeth and re-direct growth of upper/lower jaw to the desired new position.

Benefits of an Early Evaluation

An early evaluation allows for sooner detection of oral health issues and a greater opportunity to correct the problem. Proactive treatment guides development and growth and helps prevent bigger problems later in life.

The Optimal Time for Orthodontic Screening

The first permanent molars erupt by the time a child reaches age 7. When these back teeth arrive, the rear bite is established. This is the time when Dr. Posada & Dr. Lam can properly evaluate how all the teeth are relating to each other. Screening at the appropriate time will increase the chances of effectively preventing or fixing budding problems.

Benefits of Early Orthodontics include:

  • Influence jaw growth for facial symmetry
  • Lessen the risk of damage to protruding front teeth
  • Making space for erupting teeth
  • Preserving room for underlying teeth
  • Reducing the need for extraction
  • Shorten orthodontic treatment time

The aim of Early is to aid in your child’s healthy growth and development. Your children’s beautiful and healthy smile is our number one priority.

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