Surgery in Houston, TX

Greenway Pediatric Dentistry performs the following surgical treatments on children:

  • Endodontic Therapy (Pulpotomy & Pulpectomy): If your child experiences pain, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, tenderness to touch, or when chewing, a trip to the dentist is to prevent infection or loss of the tooth. The standard procedure will be for a set of x-rays to be taken so your dentist can determine the best treatment course. Chances are it will be one of two options, a pulpotomy or a pulpectomy:
    • Pulpotomy: Also referred to as a baby root canal, is used to save a badly decayed tooth with infected pulp. The Houston dentist will use a special tool to remove the decayed and infected part of the tooth. It will be sterilized with medication and filled with a cement-like substance. A pediatric crown will be fitted to restore the tooth.
    • Pulpectomy: This is similar to an adult root canal; however, this procedure takes place when the entire infected pulp is involved. The diseased pulp is removed from the crown and the entirety of the root. The canals are then cleaned, disinfected, and in some cases involving the primary teeth, filled with an absorbable dental cement. Lastly, your child will be fitted for a pediatric crown.
  • Tooth Extraction: You, Dr. Posada & Dr. Lam may determine that your child needs a tooth extraction if all other options have been exhausted such as a dental filling, crown, and other restorative treatments. If there is just too much decay or damage the tooth will have to be removed from its socket in the bone. Other examples of why a tooth should be extracted include a periodontal disease, impacted, or a poorly positioned tooth.
  • Laser Therapy: The pediatric treatment of choice to correct tongue and lip ties is a surgical release with the frenectomy procedure. The laser allows the fast sealing of blood vessels so there is very little bleeding. In addition, it can be done in the office in a matter of minutes. Frenectomy releases one or both ties to allow for proper mouth movement and control.

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