What Causes Crooked Teeth?

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

June 16, 2019

In case your child suffers from wrong aligned or crooked teeth issues, you need to get right orthodontic treatment at right stages. In such cases, you must obtain right treatment from children orthodontics.

What’s the age for seeing an orthodontist?

Parents must consult an orthodontist as soon as a child starts getting his/her first set of teeth. The correct age to see an orthodontist is 7 years or even before this if crooked teeth issue begins.

What are ‘crooked’ teeth?

Crooked teeth can generally be classified in major issues which can be:

  • Crossbites – Anterior crossbite and Posterior crossbite.
  • Anterior open bite – When upper and lower teeth don’t meet each other.
  • Class II malocclusion – When lower teeth are far behind than upper teeth.

Common Causes of crooked teeth

  • Incorrect Skeletal, Jaw and Teeth Development – Developing of a wide palate is quite essential in a child because this can help gain healthy teeth and right jaw development. Issues in jaw or skeletal can cause crooked teeth issues in a kid.
  • Nasal airway obstruction – Nasal breathing is achieved with proper jaw and teeth development. Nasal obstruction can increase the risk of this issue.
  • Incorrect Tongue Posture – Improper tongue posture may also cause such issues. In such cases, there is a deviation in normal tongue functions.
  • Poor Lip Posture – It is important that facial muscles close the lips at rest rightly. When this is not achieved this may lead to a further issue.
  • Oral behaviors – Issues in sucking and other improper oral behaviors can signal that your child oral development is impairment. It is a right sign to obtain correct treatment before the problem further cause issues of a crooked tooth.

Can crooked teeth be prevented?

The right symptoms of such issues can be seen in children right from birth. It must be understood to obtain the right treatment. There an available wide variety of Treatment options for crooked teeth and one must visit a dentist to know about the best solution for crooked teeth.

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