What Does It Mean to Do a Diagnostics?

May 1, 2022

When you visit a hospital for treatment, some tests need to be done before the doctors can settle for a treatment plan that is best suited for you. In dentistry, diagnosis is the first step in treating all dental emergencies. Diagnostic treatment in Houston, TX, focuses on the patient’s signs and symptoms to make sure you get the best dental treatment. During your child’s first dental visit, our dentist will ask them some questions in the office before using an advanced diagnostic procedure. Since we have many diagnostic options, we will use this article to explain how each one works and the benefits they bring.

What Are Diagnostics in Medical Terms?

In general medical terms, a diagnostic is a process carried out by a medical professional such as a dentist to determine the cause of a disease based on the symptoms exhibited by a patient. Since some symptoms are not specific to one condition, several tests may need to be conducted before settling on the best treatment plan, depending on the patients’ dental needs. Below are some common diagnostics performed in dentistry:

Dental Exams

A dental exam is a common diagnostic procedure in the dental office. In this procedure, your child’s dentist inspects their mouth for signs of cavities, bleeding gums, gum disease, and anything else which may appear unordinary. A dental exam is an important procedure as it allows early detection of common dental problems.

Comprehensive Oral Exams

When we suspect that the cause of your child’s dental problems is deeper than they appear to be, we may recommend a comprehensive oral exam for diagnosis. A comprehensive oral exam is very reliable as it may involve using X-rays, medical history papers, and sending swab samples to the lab.

Digital X-rays

Even the most experienced dentists could have difficulties diagnosing all dental imperfections through the naked eye. Luckily, the advancement in dental technology has provided an important tool for detecting severe dental issues. Through digital X-rays, dentists can get clear easy to read, x-ray pictures of patients uploaded directly to their computers, thus saving time. Because of its time-saving feature, almost all dental clinics have adopted digital X-rays for diagnosis purposes.

Screening for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a serious disease that affects people of all ages. Although chances of developing oral cancer are lower in individuals practicing good oral hygiene, you need to take your children to regular cancer screening to be safe. We will inspect your child’s mouth and tongue first before checking their jaw and neck for abnormalities during the screening process.

Diagnosis of Gum Disease

Despite what most people think, gum disease does not only extend to gingivitis. More severe conditions such as cancer, gum infection, and periodontitis are related to gum disease and could result in tooth loss or worse if not detected early. By visiting a pediatric dentist in Houston, TX, you can have your children tested for gum disease and protect them from future dental emergencies.

Advantage of Dental Diagnostic

Early Detection of Diseases

Some oral diseases such as gum disease and bleeding gums can worsen if left untreated for a long period. Therefore, when you take your child for regular dental checkups, a dental diagnostic could help in the early detection of gum disease, thus reducing the chances of it developing to oral cancer in the future. In addition, if your child is diagnosed with oral cancer, treatment can start early, thus saving their lives.

Allows for Better Treatment

Based on the findings from oral diagnosis, we can make sure your children have the best dental treatment. In addition, we can use the results to provide your children with good alternative treatment options, which can be helpful when they have a prevailing medical condition that can affect their treatment plan. We can also use diagnosis information to monitor their progress by checking how effective their treatment is.

Saves Time and Money

The more you wait, the more difficult and expensive it becomes to treat your child’s dental needs. Therefore, to save yourself the troubles that arise from late detection of oral diseases, early diagnosis and treatment are essential.


Diagnosis plays an important role in the treatment of oral diseases. Since diagnosis is affordable and allows for early detection of oral diseases, take your children to Greenway Pediatric Dentistry for diagnosis and avoid future dental emergencies. We practice pediatric trauma management and are open on Saturdays to accommodate your busy work schedules. Call us today to schedule an appointment; we accept a wide range of insurance covers and CareCredit to provide our young patients with affordable dental care.

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