What to do if your child’s tooth is knocked out

What to do if your child’s tooth is knocked out

May 16, 2019

There are around one-fourth of school children that suffer from the pain of their permanent teeth. In cases of severe injuries like tooth knocked in a child, it is always better to visit a dentist.

Would you know what to do if your child’s tooth is knocked out?

Many parents do not actually know what to do if the tooth of their child is knocked out. Even if some of them have an idea about it, they might not be confident to put the plan into action.

Prevention is better than cure

You should assure that your child has a well-fitting mouth guard and they wear it for all sorts of sports they play. Mouth guards are not meant to be kept in pockets. There available wide varieties of mouth guards and a child may select any one as per his/her needs. Mouth guards can help save tooth from knocking out while playing football, cycling, etc.

Time is of the essence

The sooner the tooth is back in the mouth the better it is. This is because the root of the tooth is covered in cells which are to be kept alive. This is essential because only this action can help tooth reintegrate back into the mouth. It is always better to replant the knocked out tooth within 15 minutes of trauma.

How to replant an avulsed tooth

  • Pick up the tooth by the crown.
  • Never touch the root of tooth.
  • Do not scrape or scrub the tooth.
  • If there is obvious debris on the root, please gently rinse it quickly with saline or milk or if neither of the above is available, with cold water.
  • Do not clean the tooth with alcohol.
  • Firmly reposition the tooth into the socket. Use the adjacent teeth guide to fix it well. It is always better to mimic the level of accuracy of existing tooth.

Get to your dentist

You should contact your dentist as early as possible to get the right treatment without getting late.