What to Expect for your Child’s First Adult Teeth

What to Expect for your Child’s First Adult Teeth

November 15, 2018

So you made it through your child’s teething years… wondering what to expect when it comes to their first adult teeth? Luckily by the time children are getting their first adult teeth they can, for the most part, express themselves and let you know what is going on. This doesn’t, however, mean it is going to be the easiest thing in the world, your child will be in pain and most likely not in the best mood ever. But who is when they are experiencing pain, right? Today, Greenway Pediatric Dentistry is discussing what to expect for your child’s first adult teeth, we hope you learn something new!

Your Child’s 6-Year Molars

The first adult teeth your child will get are often referred to as “6-year molars” due to the fact they often erupt between the ages of 6 and 7. Your child’s 6-year molars are the first molars on the bottom and top rows of teeth, behind their 2-year molars. Many parents mistake these molars as baby teeth, however, they are permanent teeth and need to be cared for as such.

6-Year Molar Concerns

As your child’s 6-year molars begin to erupt, they most likely will experience discomfort and pain. Common symptoms while teeth are coming in include jaw pain, headaches, facial swelling and even low-grade fever. Swishing warm salt water in the mouth can reduce soreness and swelling, we also recommend children’s ibuprofen if the pain is more severe. When cleaning their smile, we recommend gently massaging the teeth and gums.

6-Year Molars: What to Eat

When it comes to eating while molars are coming in, we recommend feeding your child foods that are soft and require minimal chewing.

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