When Should My Child Start Flossing Their Teeth?

When Should My Child Start Flossing Their Teeth?

January 16, 2019

Most parents who are careful about the dental health of their children are confused about when is the right time to introduce them to flossing. It is important to teach kids the importance of brushing their teeth to keep them clean, healthy, and durable till their permanent teeth grows.

According to Pediatric Dentist in Houston, just like brushing, flossing from a young age is important too. It will keep the child’s teeth healthy and prevent dental pain associated with plaque and cavity.

Here’s a Look at Some Information about Flossing in Kids:

How Old the Child Should Be to Floss?

Just like brushing, the flossing can be started when multiple teeth grows in. Children can start flossing between the age of two to six. Children can start flossing regularly when more teeth grow in. When the child is young, you can floss their teeth and gradually teach them when they grow up. You can supervise when they floss so that they don’t end up hurting themselves and clean their teeth thoroughly.

Bleeding When Flossing

A little bleeding while flossing is absolutely normal. It can happen in adults too when they begin flossing for the first time. However, the bleeding will stop with passage of time as the gums will become used to flossing and get stronger. If their gums bleed even after a week or 10 days, you should visit a dentist as it can be a sign of Gingivitis which needs treatment.

How to Make Flossing Easier?

One of the first tips is to choose a wide and flatter dental tape for flossing as your child’s teeth are still growing and will be replaced by permanent teeth. When kids grow up, you can use traditional floss and teach them to wrap it on fingers and remove plaque and food particles effectively.

Children’s Floss Picks

If reaching smaller areas with traditional floss is an issue, consider choosing floss picks. They can reach between the teeth easily and are easier to use. Children can use them on their own and they come in fun shapes and colors which makes them attractive for kids.

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