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Why Bring Your Child to the Dentist Early?

November 29, 2018

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that dental care for your child begins at Age 1, or within 6 months after the presence of the first tooth. Dr. Michael Posada, and the dental professionals of Greenway Pediatric Dentistry, located near you in the 77098 area of Houston, Texas, want to educate the parents of their patients, current and new, on the importance of early dental care.

Oral Health is Physical Health

Beginning with good oral care will set the routine for your child. Regular visits to a dentist in the early years will alleviate the anxieties and fears in children if they are used to and know the dentist. The example set by parents that oral health is part of overall healthcare becomes the norm rather than the exception.

It is good practice for a pediatric dentist to monitor the growth of the teeth and the development of the gums.

Overview of Children’s Oral Care

There are toothbrushes designed for babies as their teeth begin to come through the gum line. These brushes have smaller heads and softer bristles for the children’s sensitive gums. Pediatric dentists recommend that parents brush their children’s teeth until Age 3. At this age, begin teaching your child about the proper brushing of teeth and use “training” toothpaste.

Training toothpaste does not contain fluoride. A fluoridated toothpaste is used when the parents do the brushing and guide the child through the steps. Pediatric dentists want to eliminate the ingestion by children of too much fluoride. The training toothpaste can be eliminated when the child learns to brush and spit, not swallow.

Please speak with your pediatric dentist about the municipal water supply in the area of Houston, Texas. Most water from municipal systems contain fluoride in safe and sufficient amounts.

Recognition of Tooth Decay

In children, tooth decay appears as white stains on front teeth and darker stains in the pits of back teeth. It is important to maintain regular dental check-ups for the dentist to monitor oral health practices.

Good Habits at Home

Establishing oral care at home, and maintaining a relationship with your dentist, in a child’s early life will eliminate acute dental conditions in the future. Consistent oral care includes consistent dental visits.

Dr. Michael Posada and his team of dental professionals at Greenway Pediatric Dentistry, located near you in the 77098 area of Houston, Texas, are trusted and highly recommended in pediatric, surgical and orthodontic treatments and procedures.

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